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>Specialist Expertise

>JDH Consulting has special expertise at an international level in :

Wind loads on low-rise buildings and large roofs, bridges, lattice towers, communication structures, transmission line systems, insurance loss models, tropical cyclones and thunderstorm wind structure, prediction of extreme winds, measurement of fluctuating pressures, development of wind loading codes, standards and design guides, fatigue life calculations.

>The JDH methodology for equivalent static wind load distributions has now been applied to a wide range of structures. For example :

> Many of the roof structures at Homebush, New South Wales, constructed for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games, including the main Australia Stadium.

> Many television and communication towers, especially where the addition of new antennas has required a re-assessment of wind loads.

> High-rise buildings where an adjustment of wind-tunnel test data is required due to changes in height, width, frequency etc.

> Low-rise buildings where an optimisation of steel frame design for wind loads is required.

>JDH Consulting methodology for fatigue life under wind loading :

Although fatigue failures under wind loading are uncommon, there have been a number of cases where this has occurred, under along-wind loading and cross-wind vibrations. The calculation of damage rates and fatigue life under wind loading is complex due to the random nature of the loading and vibrations. For many wind-sensitive structures fatigue calculations are desirable at the design stage. The JDH methodology for damage rate and fatigue life estimation is simple to apply, does not require complicated cycle counting, and has been verified in full-scale studies at the Silsoe Research Institute in the U.K. It has been applied to several design situations and failure investigations, for structures such as lighting poles, fins on a high-rise building, television antennas and utility towers.


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