JDH Consulting
6 Charman Rd. Mentone Victoria Australia 3194.
Ph: +61 3 9585 3815
Email: john.holmes(at)jdhconsult.com
Wind Engineering Solutions



Examples of some of the services provided by JDH Consulting are as follows :

> Computer analysis of the dynamic response of towers, chimneys and masts to wind action

> Specification of wind pressure coefficients for unusual structural shapes

> Writing of codes, standards and design guides for wind action

> Analysis of historical wind speeds and extreme wind climate prediction

> Post-windstorm forensic analysis

> Lectures, seminars and workshops on AS/NZS1170.2, and wind loading in general

> Wind-tunnel design

> Advice, quality assurance and analysis services for wind tunnel operators.

> Risk and vulnerability studies for extreme wind events

> Expert witness services for legal actions involving wind

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