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Examples for AS/NZS 1170.2 -Wind Actions Standard:
Dr. John Holmes chairs the Standards Australia sub-committee responsible for the re-drafting of the Australian and New Zealand Standard for wind loading that was issued in March 2011 as AS/NZS1170.2-2011, with Amendments 1-3 issued in 2012 and 2013.

A CD-ROM containing eleven worked examples updated for the latest version of the Standard, including all those previously included in the 'Guide to AS/NZS 1170.:2002', plus two additional ones (a 30-m RC commuinications tower, and an L-shaped building) is now available. Please contact JDH Consulting for a copy. The examples can also be supplied on a USB stick.

JDH Consulting collaborates with Global Wind Technology Services (GWTS): JDH Consulting has recently formed a close relationship with Global Wind Technology Services (http://www.gwts.com.au), agroup formed in 2013 that provides a full range of wind engineering services employing wind-tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics as required. GWTS specializes in the wind engineering of tall buildings.

John Holmes to give Keynote Address at ICWE14 in Brazil: John Holmes has been invited to deliver the opening Keynote Address at the 14th. International Conference on Wind Engineering to be held at Porto Alegre, Brazil, June 21-26, 2015 (http://www.icwe14.org). The presentation will be titled 'Past, present and future of structural wind engineering – with emphasis on applications'.

John Holmes becomes Regional Editor of'Wind and Structures':
After being a co-Editor-in-Chief for 9 years, John Holmes has now beome Regional Editor, Asia-Pacific of the international journal ‘Wind and Structures’ published by Techno Press of Korea. This now well-setablished journal publishes issues every month with fully-reviewed papers on the structural engineering aspects of wind engineering (http://technopress.kaist.ac.kr).

Wind Loading of Structures - Third Edition published:
The third edition of "Wind Loading of Structures" authored by John Holmes, was published in early 2015. The first edition appeared in 2001, with the second edition published in 2007. The book (428 pages) is intended for practising design engineers, as well as graduate and advanced undergraduate students. It has been used for teaching at several American universities, including Louisiana State, Texas Tech and the University of Texas. Separate chapters cover wind loads on various structures: low-rise buildings, tall buildings, bridges, transmission lines, etc. The last chapter reviews six major international wind loading codes and standards. An Appendix reviews the extreme wind climate for 84 different countries, territories or regions. The main changes in the Third Edition include discussion of potential global warming effects on extreme wind events, more discussion of tornados and tornado-generated damage, and simplified approaches to wind loads on "porous" industrial,mining and oil and gas structures.

Dr. John Holmes awarded the Davenport Medal: In July 2011 John Holmes was awarded the Alan G. Davenport medal (Senior Award) by the International Association for Wind Engineering (http://www.iawe.org). He joined three other recipients of this award for 2011, which is named after Professor Alan Davenport, the pioneer of modern wind engineering who died in 2009. The award was iven to John Holmes for 'his many practical contributions to modeling and analyses of wind effects on structures and development of wind load standards'.

JDH Consulting participates in investigations following Cyclone 'Yasi': Dr. John Holmes joined a team assembled by the Cyclone Testing Station, Townsville, and the Australian Building Codes Board, which investigated the effects of severe Tropical Cyclone 'Yasi'. 'Yasi' crossed the coast of NorthQueensland near Mission Beach in the early hours of February 3rd 2011.

A full report on the windfield and the damage produced both by wind forces and storm surge in 'Yasi' is available from: http://www.jcu.edu.au/cts/research_reports/index.htm

Harry Fricke assists JDH Consulting: Harry Fricke assists on JDH Consulting projects on a part-time basis. Harry, a graduate in aeronautical engineering, has had about 16 years experience in wind engineering - previously with MEL Consultants and Vipac Engineers and Scientists. He has expertise in environmental wind effects in urban developments, and has a strong interest in renewable energy.

Harry is currently Treasurer of the Australasian Wind Engineering Societuy (http://www.awes.org) and chairs a working group of the AWES that is making recommendations on acceptability criteria for pedestrian level winds near tall buildings in urban environments.

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