JDH Consulting
6 Charman Rd. Mentone Victoria Australia 3194.
Ph: +61 3 9585 3815
Email: john.holmes(at)jdhconsult.com
Wind Engineering Solutions




JDH Consulting can be contacted on the following telephone numbers :

>Telephone :

03-9585-3815(within Australia)
+61-3-9585-3815(outside Australia)

after hours

03-9584-5885(within Australia)
+61-3-9584-5885(outside Australia)

>Mobile telephone (Dr. J.D. Holmes) :

0407-958-538 (within Australia)
+61-407-958-538 (outside Australia)

>FAX :

Fax is no longer available


6 Charman Road, Mentone, Victoria, 3194, Australia


P.O. Box 269, Mentone, Victoria, 3194, Australia

>Or send an e-mail :


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